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Johannesburg Photographer | Two Moms |

www.twomoms.co.zaJulie and Simeon – the Two Mom’s with baby Vincent.

I met Simeon of Two Moms fame, at the Kamersvol Geskenke event held in Irene (Gauteng) last last year.  Their stall was so enticing, that I just had to pop in and have a look at all the wonderful baby goodies on display.

We later chatted about doing a shoot with some of the Two Moms product and also doing a blog post with a bit of information on the two ladies who make up the Two Mom’s team – Simeon and Julie.    So this is it and a selection of some of the products they source and sell.

www.twomoms.co.zaplaying with their young sons – Troy and Matt.

Two Moms – What the business is about? The Two moms go about business, by loving the simple things in life.    They aim to provide a collection of natural and handmade nursery keep sakes that compliment the family at home.

Home is a place of love, safety and fond memories, and items bought for it should follow in this line.  Which is why, whilst the Two moms love the creative freedom of sourcing locally made products, they consider the people, the environment and the longevity of items to be added to the collections.

www.twomoms.co.zaWhy we decided to start this venture?  Simeon:  To offer the baby market a refreshing alternative to the run of mill products.  Products that are naturally beautiful, hand crafted and original. Products that enhance a baby’s pure beauty and doesn’t detract from their beauty.

Julie: We decided to start this venture as whilst there is a lot more available already today, when we had our boys two years back the quality and availability of soft and natural things was scarce and very expensive. It is nice to see that a common consciousness for natural and eco friendly products is merging through the markets.

www.twomoms.co.zaOur latest project?  Julie: Is coming up with the bright and bold & beautiful second collection including all the brighter colours and more décor..

www.twomoms.co.zaWhere/ when do you think up your best ideas?  Julie: Whilst rocking Baby Vince to sleep  Simeon: When Juls and I have a cappuccino along with great biscotti she makes.  Normally we are brainstorming for other ideas when a new concept is conceived.

www.twomoms.co.zaThis year I/we plan to?  Julie : Find a mom doing origami and paper work…anyone out there?  Simeon: This year we hope to take Two Moms to another level and introduce the 2nd collection.

Gena D PhotographyHow did your business get started?  Julie: With an 80% necessity and a 20% experiment.

Gena D PhotographyMaterials we use include…  Julie :  Cottons, linens, wool, felted wool and bamboo

Describe yourself in 5 words – Simeon: clumsy, loving, trusting, generous and organized to a point.

Gena D PhotographyMy style – Simeon: nostalgic, sentimental with a twist of modern/ contemporary  Julie: honest and flexible

What I love most about my job – Julie: Is the endless possibilities and the networking

Big trends this year include: Simeon – being sustainable.

Gena D PhotographyI get inspiration from: Simeon – fabric, our baby toys, other moms suggestions and or contributions…

Who inspires you? Simeon – my mom

Who  or what has influenced your style?  Simeon – Julie has influenced me in many ways – not only the business venture – she is grounded, loving, funny and makes me laugh.

Gena D PhotographyCurrent fetish – Simeon – my blackberry and makeup by smashbox

I relax by – Simeon: reading a good book, reading décor mags and having a lovely afternoon snooze in the winter sun.

Gena D PhotographyBest way to spend a Sunday – Julie: in my PJ’s pottering around and changing things …

My signature dish – Simeon – Thai fish curry  Julie: Chocolate cake.

Gena D PhotographyMy secret/ hidden talent – Simeon : is getting all dressed up with nowhere to goJ no seriously, I enjoy flower arranging and I don’t think that I am too bad at it …  Julie: it’s still hiding

A few of my favorite things: Simeon – chocolate, books, travel, perfume, Champagne, sunglasses… did I mention chocolate?! Julie: Braun handmixer. Music centre, my camera

Favorite place for breakfast or tea?  Simeon – Teak Place

Gena D PhotographyWhat I love about Johannesburg – Simeon: Joburg people are generally very friendly and always love being social which is lovely.   Summer is always super in Jozi and the constant smell of a braai (barbecue)  Julie: I love how friendly and flexible South Africans are.  I love the village style, and the help we get from packing groceries to putting in petrol…

Favorite flower shop:  Simeon: OH Flowers near Rock Cottage – coz they have the freshest flowers!

Gena D PhotographyWell, there you go a bit of insight in to these ladies …. want to know more about their business and products, head over to their website.   And visit our facebook page for a wider selection of images and here for images from the Kamersvol Geskenke event

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  1. I love these things 😀 Thanx so much for sharing 😀

  2. Gena these photos are just wonderful, you really did their product justice and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

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