Family Photographer Johannesburg | Family Atrache

Family fun with the Atrache’s.   We tried to schedule this shoot a number of times, and this was it… a recent, late autumn afternoon.  We met up with young Ryan not having had his afternoon nap, and hoped for the best.  He behaved fantastically well, all things considered, and being a true toddler, was very […]

Baby Photographer Johannesburg | Four Friends & A Baby

I was contacted by Kate, a while ago – she wanted to plan a surprise photoshoot for a special friend and her new baby boy, who were travelling into South Africa to see family and friends.   I could sense the excitement in Kate’s communication with me… On the day of the shoot the weather turned […]

Johannesburg Photographer | Chéri & Justin

Meet Chéri & Justin.  We planned this sunset shoot over a few weeks – wanting just romance, gorgeous light, and open spaces (being a huge fan of sky and open space!) 🙂 On the day, the clouds pulled in and I was bit concerned, but it actually worked in our favor, as every now and […]

Family Photographer Johannesburg | Weir Family

As with all families with young children, there’s a lot of fun, activity, running around, laughter and more, and it was no exception with this family.  Trying to get all three siblings in one place at one time… well you can guess, was not the easiest of  tasks. 🙂 The location was perfect for a […]

Johannesburg Photographer | Ceramic Art

To me, all art forms are fascinating – the detail, the amount of work that goes into making something beautiful for others’ to enjoy.   At times my appreciation or fascination borders of wishing I knew how to do that, or make this, etc.etc.   These images were captured at the Irene Kamersvol event last November See […]

Johannesburg Photographer | Sneak Peek : Cheri & Justin

Late afternoon lights is just so awesome in photoshoots… a sneak peek from couple shoot with Cheri & Justin. Contact Us | View Portofolio | Website| Facebook Page | Follow us on Twitter

Johannesburg Photographer | The Joy of Beads

I adore beads, always have….the shapes and colours truly fascinate me.  I’ve never really crafted a bead necklace myself, but am always in awe of how the combinations of beads and accessories are put together to make a stunning end product.  How a simple strand can make you feel like a million dollars, or transform […]

Moyo, Zoo Lake | Nomsa & Sisters

I was contacted by Susan, Nomsa’s daughter, to book a family shoot to celebrate the women in her life – mom (Nomsa on right) and her aunts.   Turns out on the day of the shoot Susan was ill and couldn’t make it.   So we went ahead with the family shoot with Nomsa and her […]

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