Johannesbur Photographer | Rubi Winter Shoot

This gorgeous young lady is Rubi!   I was wanting to do something fun with a winter feel to it, in a setting of dried winter grasses, golden sun and fun accessories – Rubi was game.  (for those wondering this shoot was done in July this year – during our winter).

Baroquesque Bride | Oakfield Wedding Photography

Baroquesque Bride – Baroque normally infers to ornate and slightly (or lots) over the top…. here I thought it was just a touch of baroque – very ornate dress, tiara, heavy makeup and unconventional location!!! See more images from this shoot over on facebook – CLICK HERE Vendors, suppliers who wish to get copies for […]

FEATURED on Lovilee Blog

This post is a bit overdue as I’m currently travelling, nevertheless here it is, better late than never.  We were featured on the Lovilee blog –

Spanish Dancer | a Personal Photography Project

Spanish Dance – dramatic, energetic, complex, emotional, fast paced …. some of the descriptive words.   I have a fascination with dance, of all sorts, but love the rehearsed or trained forms such as Spanish dance, ballet, tango and such…  

MelonRouge Country Market, Magaliesburg

Melonrouge in Magaliesburg – a place to delight the senses – you’ll find vintage items – furniture, clothes, books, art and of course a relaxing place to enjoy a great meal in the open air!!  The latest addition to their list of activities is a monthly country market. I popped into the last market in […]