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Johannesburg Photographer | Melissa & Garth E- Session

This pre-wedding session with Melissa and Garth had been scheduled three times – once due to bad weather and another due to illness.   The weather forecast for the day of the shoot, was for really chilly weather – I was ready to brave it and as it seemed Mel & Garth were too, we decided, it had to be third time lucky.   So the session went ahead – we knew it was going to be chilly, but little did we expect it to be as cold as it eventually got – actual temperature was about 6 degrees, but due to the wind chill factor, it was apparently minus 1 or 2 degrees – and yes, we can attest  to that, as we were reverberating from the icy wind , our noses and hands bright pink.  All I can say is Mel & Garth, you were unbelievably brave and you definitely rocked the shoot despite the freezing cold!!! Although in all honesty don’t know how you managed as well as you did!!!   For everyone else, we did it, it’s do-able, but I ddddon”tttt recommend it 🙂

Melissa & Garth laughed and joked around (in fact I think it helped to keep them warm :-)), and when I could see the cold was getting to Melissa, Garth willingly, and easily, I might add, made her laugh or smile again.     The bonus of “crazy weather” is that there will always be something dramatic – whether it’s the clouds, the lighting, the sunset etc.etc. and this afternoon did not disappoint – so yes, we were cold, but we managed to capture some great images despite!!

Melissa & Garth’s wedding is at the end of August this year.  I look forward to their special day, immensely.

PS.  just hoping for great light, pretty skies, great scenery, and warm(ish) weather 🙂

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