The Munroe | 70th Birthday Event

Another special birthday celebration – this time that of Henry Malevu who recently had his 70th birthday,   surrounded by friends and family both young and old.  This celebration took place at exquisite The Munroe Boutique Hotel and Venue, in Houghton, with sweeping vista’s over Johannesburg’s northern suburbs.  The weather was rather misty, drizzly and chilly […]

Waterfall Cove | Anniversary & Family – Elna & Quintin Part 2

waterfall cove wedding photographers

You may recall these two – Elna & Quintin, from a previous post.  Yep it’s them! And no I am not in the business of doing two blog posts per shoot (although some do warrant it :-)), however with the first post I had to do justice to their anniversary shoot, and as I was […]

Waterfall Cove | Anniversary Elna & Quintin

waterfall cove muldersdrift photographers

Elna and Quintin got married a year ago at Waterfall Cove – a lovely wedding venue in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg.  For their anniversary Elna decided to do a fun (surprise) photoshoot at the same venue at which they were married.  The bonus is that they were a lot more relaxed than on their wedding day and […]