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Maternity Photographer Johannesburg | The Bonds

maternity photographers johannesburg

I truly loved this maternity session with the Bond family.   Nadine contacted me over the December break, hoping that I’d be available for a maternity shoot.  Turns out I was, and more than delighted to work with this family again (see previous family shoot HERE).  Firstly it’s always such an honour to work with clients that you’ve worked with before,  but more so since it was an opportunity to get to work with young Taylin.  This little girl has such a wonderful way about her, and it’s guaranteed that one will get some awesome captures with her, and she certainly  didn’t disappoint.   However, I digress, the session was in reality a maternity come family session, as, you see, Mrs. Bond is awaiting her second bundle of joy (woohoo!!).  And rumour has it that’s it’s a blue bundle this time ;-).

Anyways, we headed out early to get good light, then back to the house to work in the garden and also indoors.   In between, of course we were kept entertained with Taylin’s antics, which had us all smiling.  Best of all, she really gives meaning to “capturing the moment”…   Every so often I’d work a bit with mom and dad and then Taylin would reappear with a “hold on guys, I also want to be included” look (or grin!)  and promptly position herself.  It was evident at times that she knew I was lapping this up…. But hey, it’s what  I call a “win-win”.   I will also remember this session for the fact that I was stung by a bee 🙁  well… truth be told, it wasn’t the bee’s fault.  I forgot my closed shoes at home, and due to the wet grass was slipping in my sandals, which I promptly kicked off, only to step on a bee.   We removed the stinger and I promptly carried on shooting.   Alas by that afternoon, I couldn’t walk on that foot – a very big lesson learnt.   But hey, it was great shoot, so who cares?!    Thank you Bond family,  I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with all three of you, and hope you enjoy the preview!

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a below, a firm favorite …. ♥♥♥

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ADORE this one!!!!

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Totally love this black and white trio….

black-and-white-maternity-photographyblack & white maternity photography

black-and-white-maternity photography

I look forward to meeting the new Bond addition!!!

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