Newborn Baby Emily

And this sweet little princess is baby Emily, all of 14 days old.   The sweet littel thing was so aware and curious, that it look loads of coaxing and soothing to get her to eventually sleep.  And once she did, I worked as quickly as possible to get the maximum variety within that time frame.  […]

Happy Fathers Day!

Gena D Photography


Jordan teenshoot

 A while back I did a photoshoot with the uber gorgeous Jordan.   The light that day was just perfect, and in fact the day was warm despite being well into autumn.   Jordan has this supremely serene way about her, that translates across various looks, which made working with her a load of fun.  Actually truth […]

Instagram, a daily perspective on life!

  So, today wanted to share my views on Instagram and that perspective on life…  Being a photographer, and seeing the world in “images”, means that with Instagram, I can now photograph whatever piques my interest, but more importantly I get to share it, immediately, without the hindrance of having to edit (post process) and […]