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Sam’s 30th Birthday | Event Photographer

Birthday Event Photography

So the gorgeous Sam celebrated her 30th birthday last Saturday, in a vibrant and delicious Mexican theme.  Even her cake looked like a Mexican embroidery piece.  Guests were treated to a welcome drink, which I can’t recall exactly, but suffice to say it had tequila and a Corona!  I’d arrived at Culture Club, at dusk to be greeted by exquisite velvet blue skies and loads of twinkly lights, (in a part of Pretoria, that I do not know, but am keen to explore more of, Hazelwood).  There was a hub of activity as the donkey pinata was hung from a tree and the area was being setup.  As is always the case, there was lots of laughter, sharing of stories, eating and of course drinking.   I left them, I think, just as the party was about to start 😉  Hope you had a fabulous evening, Sam!  Enjoy the preview!

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