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Matric Dance, Irene Dairy Farm


Matric Dance fever hit last week (in case you didn’t hear or see it).  It seemed that everyone knew someone who was having a matric dance/having/ had a matric dance photoshoot…  Not sure when this became a co-ordinated effort.  Due to the vast number of pupils having a matric dance that evening, Irene, was totally chock a block with photographers, photographees ;-), and family members.  I cannot recall it ever being that crazy.

That said, I had the privilege to work with these two gorgeous young people – who are not only good looking, great together, but were so easy to work with and lots of fun too!  The location – Irene Dairy Farm – is always such a beautiful space, somehow the light and greenery always works in this place!   This is just a sampling of some of the images taken on the day (I could do a post just of the laughter and antics of these two ;-)).  Keanu and Tiana, I hope you guys had a fabulous evening at your dance, and best of luck with the upcoming exams.  Enjoy your preview!

matric-dance-irene-kt-001 matric-dance-irene-kt-002 matric-dance-irene-kt-003 matric-dance-irene-kt-004 matric-dance-irene-kt-005 matric-dance-irene-kt-006 matric-dance-irene-kt-007 matric-dance-irene-kt-008matric-dance-irene-kt-009 matric-dance-irene-kt-010 matric-dance-irene-kt-011 matric-dance-irene-kt-012 matric-dance-irene-kt-013 matric-dance-irene-kt-014 matric-dance-irene-kt-015 matric-dance-irene-kt-016 matric-dance-irene-kt-017 matric-dance-irene-kt-018 matric-dance-irene-kt-019 matric-dance-irene-kt-020 matric-dance-irene-kt-021


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