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Baptism Gianna | Gena D Photography


Baby Gianna was recently  baptised at the Rosebank Catholic church.  Isn’t she just the cutest? Almost doll like?  She was a picture of serenity for the most part, curious about the goings on… The part she didn’t like, like most babies, was the pouring of the holy water over her head, and eventually he heat of the day got to her.  After the service, family and friends, gathered at the nearby Greek restaurant, Parea, for lunch and to celebrate her special day with her.  Thank you for the opportunity to capture Gianna’s special day, and enjoy the preview.

gianna-baptism-photography-001 gianna-baptism-photography-002 gianna-baptism-photography-003 gianna-baptism-photography-004 gianna-baptism-photography-005 gianna-baptism-photography-007 gianna-baptism-photography-008 gianna-baptism-photography-009 gianna-baptism-photography-010 gianna-baptism-photography-011 gianna-baptism-photography-012 gianna-baptism-photography-013 gianna-baptism-photography-014 gianna-baptism-photography-015 gianna-baptism-photography-016 gianna-baptism-photography-017 gianna-baptism-photography-018 gianna-baptism-photography-019 gianna-baptism-photography-020 gianna-baptism-photography-021 gianna-baptism-photography-022 gianna-baptism-photography-023 gianna-baptism-photography-024 gianna-baptism-photography-025 gianna-baptism-photography-026 gianna-baptism-photography-028 gianna-baptism-photography-029 gianna-baptism-photography-030 gianna-baptism-photography-031 gianna-baptism-photography-032 gianna-baptism-photography-033 gianna-baptism-photography-034


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