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Buitengeluk Greenhouse Teaparty | Event


The Buitengeluk Venue in Johannesburg has an exquisite greenhouse in it’s garden, that is used for small family or friends gatherings – how exquisite, right?  And who knew?  So a few days ago I got to photograph this ladies tea party event there, and boy was I excited at the opportunity!? After all how often does one get the opportunity to shoot an event or anything really, in a beautiful greenhouse? 😉  To top it all, the decor and flowers were out of this world!  A pretty lacy tablecloth (it looked like actual cream roses ( see my pic below), and lots of pink blooms and other lovely touches, put together by Bespoke Blooms.  To say that I was in heaven is a total understatement – and obviously, true to form, shot way too many images (so prepare for lots of pretty and lots of pink!).   Then there was the cake – a Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake, with gold leaf exterior, by Pippa and Polly Cakery!  Originally the cake was placed outside the greenhouse, on a table and I couldn’t resist but to capture it amidst the greenery and garden silhouettes and shades.  When it was moved inside to be cut,  pink roses were added to it, for effect.  I’ll add that it tasted darn good too!  So the ladies, ate lovely delicacies and cake and coffee / tea, and chatted and laughed away, as I (reluctantly) walked away to my next shoot.

buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-001 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-002 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-029buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-003 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-004

What a super idea for a “frou-frou” tablecloth!!

buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-005 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-006 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-007 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-009 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-010 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-011 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-012 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-013buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-031 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-032buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-014 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-015 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-016 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-017 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-018 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-019buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-030 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-033buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-020 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-021 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-022 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-023 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-024 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-025 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-026 buitengeluk-greenhouse-tea-027

My favorite image of the cake captured outside the greenhouse with amazing garden colours and details


Too pretty to eat???


Service providers:

Venue:  Greenhouse at Buitengeluk Venue

Flowers and Decor by: Bespoke Blooms

Cake by:  Pippa and Polly Cakery


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2 Responses to Buitengeluk Greenhouse Teaparty | Event

  1. Lolly Parkin


    Could you kindly send me a quote to have a 60th tea party in the greenhouse on the 3 March 2018. There will probably be 15 – 20 pax. I will need the price per head and what it includes.

    Thanks so much!

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