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Kids Christmas Photoshoot | Melrose Arch


Kids. Christmas. Photoshoot. Melrose Arch.  Yep, all in one go! and what  fun it was!  I got to work with Alyssa and Kayla, again, recently, and as always, what a super treat!  Both equally gorgeous, always game for anything, and we now have the added dynamic of Alyssa’s own personality coming through – what a funny little thing – pulling face’s running around and more!  So, needless  to say I eventually worked the shoot around letting her get on with her own thing, and managing the odd “quiet” or  still moment.  After all, kids will be kids, and why not!?   Mom had wanted a Christmas shoot in an urban setting and loved the idea of Melrose Arch, which admittedly is great.   The options are vast and endless (with great textures, colours and architecture), and we literally got to work in a small part of the precinct, but in that space, we were able to achieve so much.  The change into the white tutus, led to another whole chapter of options – starting out with Alyssa spinning around trying to twirl her skirt. And so it went….  Thank you guys for the opportunity to yet again capture amazing moments with your precious girls.  It is always such a treat!  Enjoy your preview and wish you a wonderful festive season!

kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch 001 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-002 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-003 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-004 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-archh-005 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-006kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-008 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-009 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-010 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-011 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-012 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-013 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-014 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-015Ballet-Kids-christmas-photoshoot-melrose-archkids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-016 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-017kids-christmas-photoshoot-melrose-arch kids-christmas-photoshoot-melrose-arch-001 kids-christmas-photoshoot-melrose-arch-002 kids-christmas-photoshoot-melrose-arch-003 kids-christmas-photoshoot-melrose-arch-004 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-018 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-019 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-020 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-021 kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-022

The scale of this building and modernistic architecture, just worked so well!

kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-023kids-christmas-shoot-melrose-arch kids-christmas-photoshoot- melrose-arch-025kids-christmas-shoot-melrose-arch-024


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