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Granaat, Clarens Accommodation

Clarens Granaat Accommodation

Granaat Guesthouse, is the epitome of superb accommodation, in Clarens.  If you haven’t seen, nor read my first post on Granaat, click here, and then come back (really, do it, as it gives a sense of this wonderful space in the gorgeous Free State town of Clarens.  So Granaat (pomegranate in Afrikaans) is a modern farm style home with two side units, along the main house, linked via the expansive patio.  This property is different in every sense: from the architecture to the textures, details, colours and more.  The two “units”,  in the same, raw brick, metal, cement, exposed copper piping, large windows and sliding doors, as the main house, comprise of an open plan bedroom and lounge area, with adjoining kitchenette and full bathroom (where the space was very well utilised!!!  The layout is the same in both units, however they are completely different in look and feel due to the decor, colours and details – both stunningly beautiful and sumptuous, in their own right. So take a look…

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-001

A view of Granaat from one angle of the garden, the two side units on either side of the main house.

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-002Clarens Granaat Accommodation-003

This unit, has a chic Parisian overtone in it’s decor style

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-004Clarens Granaat Accommodation-005Clarens Granaat Accommodation-006Clarens Granaat Accommodation-007Clarens Granaat Accommodation-008Clarens Granaat Accommodation-009

Exquisite monogrammed bedlinen

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-010Clarens Granaat Accommodation-011Clarens Granaat Accommodation-012Clarens Granaat Accommodation-013Clarens Granaat Accommodation-014Clarens Granaat Accommodation-015Clarens Granaat Accommodation-016 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-017 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-018 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-019 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-020 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-021

Both units have their own fireplace, which, much like the main house, truly offers warmth for the chilly winter days and nights.

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-022 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-023

Unit two is decorated with red and turquoise accents

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-024 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-025 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-026Clarens Granaat Accommodation-027 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-031Clarens Granaat Accommodation-028 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-029 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-030

how cute are these side lamps?

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-032 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-033 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-034Clarens Granaat Accommodation-035Clarens Granaat Accommodation-036 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-037 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-038 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-039Clarens Granaat Accommodation-040 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-041 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-042 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-043

The little private patio, in the morning light and mist…

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-044 Clarens Granaat Accommodation-045

Colours and textures from the beautiful garden

Clarens Granaat Accommodation-046

Click here to view Post I on the main house.

Want to book this exquisite space? Contact Karen on +27 71 686 0222.


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