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Granaat Guesthouse in Clarens

Granaat in Clarens

Clarens, the small town in the Free State, is home to this gorgeous property/ guesthouse, named Granaat.  Granaat is Afrikaans for Pomegranate.  Not only is the name, Granaat, different to the norm, but the home is too.  Take a look.  Load of exposed brick, cement, metal, cement, copper piping, coupled with the warmth of wood, and vast sliding doors and large windows to allow in loads of light, and ensure you enjoy the vast views, in every direction, at all times of the day.  Even the signage is stunning!!!
When I first saw this property 18 months ago on a short weekend roadtrip to Clarens, I was intrigued.  After all, look at it – it’s totally different to anything else in Clarens (that I’ve seen), it’s slightly raised on a little hill (hence the wonderful views), so you simply cannot ignore it.  During that trip, in a strange twist of fate, I happened to meet Granaat’s owner, Karen.  And I recently had the opportunity to photograph this property (as well as another guest house in Clarens called Cottage Pie, (but more on that in another post)​.  The home is filled with quirky art and ornaments, wonderful colours and textures: a feast for the senses.
I stayed on the property for the duration of the time I was on assignment, so obviously got to see and enjoy all the various angles and light through the day – from a photographers perspective, what a treat!   Granaat is a double volume, modern farm style home, with the living areas downstairs, and the bedroom, main en suite and study/ library area, upstairs.  Adjoining the main house are two “units” being open plan bedroom, lounge area, with an adjoining kitchenette and full bathroom (great use of space, by the way).  I’ve done a separate post on the two side units, the link is at the bottom of the post – be sure to click through, it’s worth it!
Being autumn, the garden was alive with red’s and oranges, as well as a number of late summer/ autumn flowering plants – in the heat of the day the garden was abuzz with butterflies, bees and the like.  And of course, as can be expected, the garden is also home to a number of young Pomegranate shrubs .  But I’ll let you enjoy the property through my lens.

Clarens Granaat -013

I started the shoot early in the morning, as the sun came over the mountain… and then a thick mist came over the mountain and that day, stretched almost into the garden.

Clarens Granaat -014 Clarens Granaat -016 Clarens Granaat -017

Clarens-Granaat I -061

A street view of Granaat.  How can you possibly ride past this home and not be curious?!  Whilst I was there I witnessed a mountainbiker riding down the road (on a mission), and even he, did an about turn to view Granaat’s majestic stature, much like I had many months before.

Clarens Granaat -051

Clarens-Granaat I -002 Clarens-Granaat I -003 Clarens-Granaat I -004 Clarens-Granaat I -005 Clarens-Granaat I -006Clarens Granaat -052Clarens Granaat -056Clarens-Granaat I -008 Clarens-Granaat I -010Clarens Granaat -053Clarens Granaat -057Clarens Granaat -020 Clarens Granaat -022 Clarens Granaat -025Clarens Granaat -023 Clarens Granaat -024 Clarens Granaat -026 Clarens Granaat -027 Clarens Granaat -028 Clarens Granaat -029Clarens Granaat -050

Clarens Granaat -030
Clarens Granaat -032 Clarens Granaat -033 Clarens Granaat -034

A reflection of the mountain on the sliding doors leading to the patio… even that!

Clarens Granaat -031

Clarens Granaat -036

The exquisite signage…

Clarens Granaat -038

A side view of the property, showing the two side units, and the main house in the middle…

Clarens Granaat -041

The main house…

Clarens Granaat -043 Clarens Granaat -044

A view from the garden looking towards the house.

Clarens Granaat -049 Clarens Granaat -058Clarens Granaat -059Clarens Granaat -015 Clarens Granaat -048

The upstairs patio, with views into the distance…

Clarens Granaat -046

I simply had to give two perspectives on the view from the main bedroom in the late afternoon…   imagine an afternoon nap, and waking up to this… I mean, seriously people 😉

Clarens Granaat -047Clarens Granaat -054

And as the afternoon sun disappeared behind the mountains, the autumn chill set in.  The fireplace was awoken for duty, and let me tell you, it does a darn good job of keeping the house warm.

Clarens Granaat -009 Clarens Granaat -010 Clarens Granaat -011

Truly, go experience this place, really !

Head on over to Part 2 of this lovely Clarens venue.

Wanna book this amazing space?  Contact Karen on +27 71 686 0222.


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