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Engedi Wedding | A & K Tie the Knot I

Engedi Wedding at the Cradle

The Engedi Wedding venue, for those who do not know, is in the Cradle of Mankind area.  And it was here, that Ash and Kirsten chose to celebrate their wedding day with their special friends and family.  And what a wonderful day it was – just so much love and happiness!  In fact, when I walked into the guys (after a few candid shots through the shrubs :-)), the first words (after greeting) that Ashley said to me, were “I’m so excited” and that there says it all!  And yes it’s a long post – I’m a sucker for moments, and there were way too many on this wonderful day!
Let’s start by stating that things, specifically timing, did not go as planned… at all!  Our gorgeous bride was running (very) late, so having done the decor at the reception venue, and seeing that Ashley and “his guys” had arrived, I decided to start with them. And what fun we had – guys being guys, they bantered and teased each other… Beers were brought out… Stories were shared, including a certain broken wrist that Ashley was  apparently party to.  Boys will be boys, right?
And then I walked over to the bridal suite, and Kisten was the first person I saw, looking beyond gorgeous (let’s put it this way, Kirsten is one of those classically pretty girls #thatisall – her make up was done so well, that it enhanced her features, so I think you get what I’m saying – I think my jaw dropped in awe!
PS. great makeup artist btw!  The ladies chatted and laughed and sipped on champagne.  Eventually, it was time for Kirsten to get dressed, amidst much fussing and preening, as only ladies can do.  There were some tears, obviously… it’s that kinda day.
At the chapel, where the guys and guests were waiting… you could sense the excitement.  Kirsten beamed as she walked into the chapel.  And Ash, looked emotional on cue, at seeing his gorgeous lady.  There was just so many sweet moments between these two, during the lovely service which was short and sweet.  The fact that the rain bucketed down halfway though is another thing, though.  Traditionally considered good luck for the couple, but not so much for photographers.  Let’s just say I got a tad stressed 🙂 We ended up doing the family groups inside the chapel, and eventually I was able to move outside for the bridal party and couple shoot – thank goodness!  But you’ll have to wait for part II to see that awesomeness!  In the meantime, enjoy the post! PS. you might want to get yourself a cuppa tea or coffee or wine… it’s looong 🙂

PART II can be found HERE

If you haven’t seen their gorgeous engagement photoshoot – here’s link – head on over, it’ll be worth it!

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