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Sarah Graham Women’s Wellness Brunch

A number of weeks ago, Sarah Graham (of Sarah Graham Food, in case you don’t know ;-)) held a Women’s Wellness Brunch together with the lovely Jeanne van Zyl of Beautiful Balance.  It was a wonderful morning, at an awesome airy venue, known as Urban Jungle – situated above Jackson’s Food in Bryanston, which resonated well with the event.  I have been an avid fan of Sarah Graham’s cooking show, pretty much from inception.  For starters, it’s a local (South African) show, with our own (who soon became) local foodie celebrity.  To me it’s been about how Sarah makes cooking look fun and light, keeping things simple and making you want to go and try some recipes out for yourself.  The other attraction was that the show was filmed in various locations, so it was a bit of a travel show as well – food and travel are the ultimate combo!   The event itself was light and fun in true Sarah Graham style and the room was filled pretty much to capacity.  We received an awesome goodie bag (who doesn’t love a goodie bag, after all?), filled with samples and/or vouchers from the sponsors – and certainly most welcome.  Sarah got to introduce her new product called Nourish Power Balls and her new book Wholesome was also available for sale.
The event itself started off with a mini pilates class run by Jeanne on the patio with endless views, followed by a seriously yummy (and healthy) brunch… and whilst we ate, each of the sponsors got a turn to talk a little about their product (journey) – they were The Munching Mongoose, NOMU, Health Riot and Rachel Jessen also did a quick introduction to her and Ian Craigs awesome book “Wholesome Nutrition”    Then there cooking demos (by Sarah, of course) with some of the great sponsor products (including the amazing Nutribullet), and in truth I am in awe of the wonderful range of natural, quality, organic products out there (a lot of which is available at Jackson Real Food Market).
And finally, Jeanne gave a greatly inspiring talk on self-acceptance and self-love (something that seems to (continue to) allude most women). Go check out Jeanne’s site for details on the sessions that she offers – I’m dead keen to try it out as soon as the end of year craziness abates.
If you missed this event and are keen to attend, I hear via the grapevine that there will be another event in January 2018, so keep your eyes on Sarah’s facebook page.

Urban Jungle venue at Jacksons real food market Urban Jungle venue at Jacksons real food market  The Munching Mongoose Urban Jungle venue at Jacksons real food market Jeanne van Zyl of Beautiful Balance Urban Jungle venue at Jacksons real food market Nutribullet at Sarah Graham Women's Wellness Event Urban Jungle venue at Jacksons real food market Brad of The Munching Mongoose

Brad of Munching Mongoose, gave a brief explanation of the wonderful service they offer – delivering fresh, organic produce from the “farmers market” to your door”  It’s a fantastic initiative and there’s so much that can and should be said about this business, but I’ll leave that for another day.  We were given vouchers with which to orders some goodies – I still need to take advantage of that (end of year madness is alive and well 😉

Then Paul from NOMU chatted about their wonderful range of products (some of which were available to sample aka as hot chocolate!).  We also got some samples in our goodie bag and one lucky attendee won a Nomu Spice Pack.

Paul of NOMU Esse Skincare

Valeska from Health Riot spoke about “Cassava Flour” – look it up – it’s a truly amazing product and available at Jacksons Real Food Market

Health Riot Cassava Flour Sarah graham's Nourish Power Balls Nutribullet in action Jeanne van Zyl of Beautiful Balance Jeanne van Zyl of Beautiful Balance Sarah Graham's Book Wholesome

Looking down from Urban Jungle

Origin Coffee at Jacksons

Origin Coffee at Jacksons

The sponsors were Nutribullet, Health Riot, The Munching Mongoose, NOMU, Triple Orange and Esse Skincare

Disclaimer – I was not the official photographer for the event, and was not asked to blog about or review any of the suppliers or products. Opinions are purely my own.


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