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Gia & Tiago Christening | Pretoria Photographer

Gia and Tiago are cousins and shared their christening day recently, held at Nazareth House Church in Pretoria.  They also happen to be four weeks apart in age (and I’m sure their mommies didn’t plan it that way, but alas, it lent itself to a really special extended family celebration of these two sweet angels).  The service was really lovely, with lots of little anecdotes and humour. For the most part, both Gia and Tiago were really not bothered by the goings on and were comfortable being handed around (as it goes at christenings, after all).   Gia didn’t even flinch with the cold water poured on her head, whilst  Tiago was not too happy, (but then wouldn’t you freak out? ;-)).   At the end of the service, we managed to sneak in a few family group shots, and that’s when these two, very evidently had had enough – Tiago was teary and Gia quite simply fell asleep whilst we were shooting (I’ll never forget that moment).   In the meantime, the guests had moved onto The Italian club in Pretoria, where a sumptuous lunch awaited them on the long covered patio… and that’s when these two had a well-deserved snooze!  Enjoy your preview and be warned, it’s a long one!!!


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