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Event Photography | Traclo Year End

A phenomenal event to end the year on – the Traclo Year End Awards party was all about vibrant colour, detail, and loads of traditional dress attire (whether in the forms of sheshweshwe, beadwork, embroidery, beret and moustaches, hats, sari’s and more ;-)!  The event was held at the Turffontein Racecourse, in the Aquanaut Room, this year.  Having had the honour of capturing the moments for the previous year’s event,  I had a fair idea of the fun that was about to unfold.  I had arrived a little earlier than the guests so that I could get a briefing on the timing of the event and also capture some details shots of the tables and so on… And no sooner did I blink and the hall started filling with people dressed in phenomenal attire.  Truly, everywhere I looked, someone was wearing something exquisite – whether in colour or the detail or actual outfit, accessories and so on.  And that, is something unique to Traclo – they know how to pull it together in the “dressing up” department.  Another thing they know how to do is to have fun and party.  After a number of awards were handed out, and food was enjoyed, the fun “best costume/ best dressed/ dance” competition started – and it’s as much fun to watch as I’m sure it is to partake in (certainly from my perspective it was awesome to see the various people going through the motions (for the coveted award/ prize), and the crowding celebrating them!) .  After that they got down to some serious dancing and partying.  I thoroughly loved capturing the moments of this fun event – thanks so much Traclo for giving the opportunity again!  Enjoy your preview


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