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Family Photography Pretoria East

family photography pretoria east

Family photography at Moreleta Reserve, Pretoria East.  How I love family photoshoots, where I get to play along with my subjects – the children of course 😉   So I met up with this sweet family of 5 on a hot Saturday afternoon.  I had wanted to try a different area of the reserve, but quickly realised that the heat was insane and moved back to more familiar spaces, which included a large tree.  Yeah you guessed it:  boys and trees – what better match, right?  This time round I had 3 boys from the age of 2 to 8.  Nothing that I couldn’t handle, but evidently it does make it trickier to do group type stuff which includes all 3 and keeps them captivated for a minute, so I can get a group shot of all three of them (and mom and dad too, of course).  And yeah the sibling group shot, was the toughest to get, as all three are different, not only in age but personality too.   As is often the case, towards the end, one, kids calm down (tired) and two, they are now used to me, so easy to get them to play along.  True to form that is how this one went, and we managed not one but two different sets of sibling shots.  And that’s how it goes with photographing children.  At the start of a shoot I explain to mom and dad how I work and that  I have a “sequence” for shooting (basically so I get the various combinations), but I warned them that  I do deviate from that a lot!  Basically if kids are being kids, if there is something fun going on, I shift focus (literally and figuratively).   You see I never force kids to sit or pose/ do anything… I do however watch them and ask certain questions (or ask mom/ dad to interact), so that  I can draw them in for a few seconds – long enough to get a shot or two.  The aim is always to get kids being kids and to portray them for who they are.  And yes, working with young children is still my favourite subject to shoot, and yes, it’s the most exhausting/ work to shoot.  And that is pretty much how this photoshoot went: 3 kidlets being kids.  We laughed and played and tried things – they had fun and so did mom and dad and myself.  That to me is a successful shoot!  Ilze and Renier, I hope you guys love your preview as much as I do.

moreleta reserve family photoshoot family photos pretoria eastchild photographer pretoria east

little one started this “game” where when I was shooting he’d run up to me 😉  on this occasion all three got in on the action

family photography pretoria east

This sequence remains a favourite of mine – love the framing and how in that moment we managed to get one or two shots with everybody “in place”, as it were.

fun family photoshoot pretoria kid photoshoot pretoria

the first attempt as a sibling group shot… which didn’t happen, but I managed to get a few shots of the boys being boys

child photographer pretoria childrens photography pretoria east childrens photoshoot moreleta reserve pretoria natural light family photography child photography moreleta pretoria east childrens photoshoot pretoria kid photoshoot pretoria cute childrens photoshoot pretoria fun childrens photos pretoria family photography pretoriakids being kids moreleta reserve

boys and trees – always such fun

child photography pretoria natural light child photoshoot pretoria child and family photographer pretoria fun family photoshoot moreleta reserve fun family photography pretoria cute family photos by gena d photography beautiful family photograohy by gena dfamily photography pretoria family photographer pretoria mom and child photos by gena d photography

definitely a favourite moment – that said I managed one of each brother with mom and love all 3

family photos by gena d photography fun family photoshoot moreleta reserve

what a charmer!

dad and son photos by gena d photography family photoshoot by gena d photography natural light family photography pretoria

fun family photoshoot pretoria east fun family photoshoot moreleta reserve family photoshoot pretoria moreleta reserve family photoshoot pretoria east family photoshootchild photographer gauteng pretoria east family photoshoot child photography moreleta natural light family photoshoot kids being kids photoshoot pretoria childrens photoshoot pretoria fun family photoshoot fun childrens photoshoot moreleta natural light family photoshoot pretoria child photography pretoria fun family photoshoot by gena d photography child photography pretoria capturing life through the lens pretoria reportage family photography pretoria

I’d already wrapped up the photo shoot, but whilst chatting to mom and sadIi noticed this 😉

zebra at moreleta reserve


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