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Rita’s Moroccan 3-Oh Birthday Bash

Rita’s big 3-Oh birthday bash was Moroccan themed – resplendent with all the colours, pretty details, lanterns, candles, “authentic food” and… a belly dancer!  What a superb feast it was!  And that is just a basic summary of it, because words don’t do this great “feast for the senses” justice.  It was one of those where the family got involved and all played a part in some form or manner to bring it altogether.  Rita’s mom-in-law (seemingly a superb cook – and I won’t deny it, based on what I saw and tasted), prepared all the food (Moroccan/Middle Eastern food) – those who know, know it’s delicious, but for the most part requires loads of prep and time.  The patio and garden were was lit by string lights from  Light Bulb Events, which gave the space a lovely look and feel.  I started off before guests arrived, capturing all the pretty decor details… The tables were setup undercover in such a way that dependent on the angle, you’d be forgiven for thinking people were sitting under a vast canopied tent.  The phenomenal food was enjoyed, followed by Rita giving a thank you speech, and then the belly dancer arrived, enthralling all with her dance moves and ability to dance with a sword and a candelabra on her head… and ending off with getting Rita, her hubby and a few guests to “dance with her”  Of course that led to hysterics!   To me, looking from the “outside” in, this was such a special celebration, with so many moments and amazing memories.  Rita, thank you for choosing me to capture your special birthday – I’ve loaded a wide array of images from the day – enjoy!!!

The exquisite birthday cake! (also made by Rita’s mom-in-law).

an exquisite Pavlova and Baklava for dessert.. I mean, people!?!?!

the belly dance academy photos the belly dance academy photos the belly dance academy photos the belly dance academy photography

and just before I wrapped up, we did some impromptu shots in the available light (mostly the string lights by The Light Bulb Events) and me challenging the camera’s ISO settings.

Suppliers List courtesy of Rita

  • Cake and food: Mom in law takes the credit. All made from scratch and extra dash of love
  • Olives – Romesco Olives (www.romesco.co.za)
  • Stationery: Natalie Davidson – Elegant Designs (www.elegantdesigns.co.za)
  • Raw light bulb lighting: Victoria van Wyk – Lightbulb Events (www.lightbulbevents.co.za)
  • Belly dancer: Kayla Pienaar – The Belly Dance Academy (www.bellyacademy.com)
  • Moroccan decor – Decor-D-Zign (www.ddz.co.za) and Unlimited Events (www.ueg.co.za)
  • Candles and other small adhoc items – Party Spot, Woodmead
  • Balloons:  Party Variatas Shop, Parkview Mall, Pretoria East
Decor specifics:

Decor-D-Zign: Velvet tablecoths / Gold underplates / Moroccan hanging lanterns / Moroccan pool side lanterns / Fairy lights
Unlimited Events: Camel props [(table camels; large wooden cut outs (for photo corner)] / Moroccan cushions / Tiffany chairs / Gold table lanterns / red flowers holders


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All images Copyright Gena D Photography.

No unauthorised use of any images shall be granted without written permission from Gena D Photography.  Suppliers to please contact us for images

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