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Alessia Matric Dance

Alessia recently had her matric dance.  Obviously dressed like a veritable princess, it was a perfect opportunity for a photoshoot!  After all, one doesn’t matriculate everyday, but more so, one doesn’t get to have the opportunity to celebrate a phenomenal milestone everyday.  She looked stunning in her soft, delicate pearlescent dress (I can’t even begin to describe the colour, but know that it reminded me of pearls – kinda creamy, pinky, shimmery…. with fine detail).  Her “beau” looked dapper in his suit, and taking photos of these two was a lot of fun, including some stunning balloons and bubbles, and a quick stint in the street…  I love how the breeze blew every so often just on cue to create beautiful ruffles, or show a little leg, or to blow a tendril of hair across her face.   It was a superb photo shoot.  Alessia, you looked stunning and I trust you had a wonderful evening.  Here is your preview, enjoy!!!


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