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Andreas & Dani Engagement Photoshoot

Andreas and Dani’s engagement photoshoot at the stunning Villa Sterne in Waterkloof Ridge, was truly awesome to shoot.  Villa Sterne is set up on a hill overlooking part of Pretoria, so expect views and stunning vast skies.  First off, Andreas and Dani are both gorgeous and so natural with one another, we had lovely spots to work on location, the lighting was gracious (well a little temperamental in fact, from sunny to overcast and threatening but at least it didn’t rain ;-))… the point is it all came together wonderfully, with a phenomenal sunset at the end, and I am delighted to share some images from that photoshoot.
To put this in perspective Andreas and Dani were having their formal Greek engagement ceremony and party at Villa Sterne on the day, it just worked out that we got to do the engagement photo shoot as well, before the party and ceremony!  The actual engagement party blogpost  is HERE.  In the meantime enjoy!

Head on over to Andreas’ and Dani’s engagement party HERE



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