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Rita & Christopher | Light Bulb Events

Light Bulb Events Rita & Christopher Couple photoshoot

Rita and Christopher kindly agreed to do a quick impromptu couple photoshoot (thanks guys!).  The inspiration was the setting and the wonderful naked bulbs by Light Bulb Events which truly added a great ambience and dynamic to the setting.   Evidently, this was low light photoshoot, which also meant that I had to stretch my trusty Canon 5DMKIII and her ISO settings.  Yes, it would end up grainy, and I was okay with that.  In true 5DMkIII fashion the images weren’t actually too bad, and after an initial edit to clean and lighten them up a bit, I was pretty chuffed.  Then I decided to do a second edit which would enhance the “grittiness”, and totally loved it.  In fact, I preferred it to the original edit, but then that’s me. 😉    Of course, the fact that these two are just so awesome together helped some.  (the only instruction was whether to sit or stand, otherwise, I left them to their own devices)
A little background:  So I’d been photographing Rita’s phenomenal Moroccan inspired 30th birthday, and right at the end, we quickly spent a few minutes “playing” as it were.  Here’s the link to Rita’s gorgeous 30th birthday.  Rita and Christopher, thanks so much for entertaining my “on a whim photoshoot” late one Saturday evening 😉  you guys rock!

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