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Glamour Photoshoot | Odette

Odette was gifted a glamour photo shoot (what a lucky lady, right?), and boy did we have fun with her stunning dress.  We also allowed time to do formal portraits (always good for business/ Linked in and so on), as well as some casual/ relaxed images.  I’m so chuffed with the lovely variety we got – what a stunning lady!  And of course, she was super cool to chat to…   I’ve included an array from the shoot.  I also did an arty edit on some of the casual pics as the whole look lent itself to that.  Those will be on a separate post.  All I can say is, ladies if in doubt as to whether to spoil yourself with a glamour shoot and/ or boudoir shoot, don’t hesitate.  It’s fun and a real confidence booster.  Enjoy the post


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