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Newborn Baby Photoshoot | Pretoria Photographer

Newborn babies are also wonderful to capture.  The newness, their curiosity (especially at 2 weeks onwards), the cuteness overload… I could go on and on.  Sweet baby, Giana, all of 14 days old, was the subject of my fascination and most definitely of her mom and dad, during this photo shoot.  She was awake and “aware” and soooo curious with the goings-on.  Mom and dad are clearly besotted with their little angel, and seriously who can blame them!   We got to play with a tutu as well (although by then baby Giana was getting tired and hungry), and sweet little crocheted shoes, and finally exposed little tootsies… and through all of this, not a whimper… well not until almost the end by which stage she was hungry and made sure she got fed quickly 🙂  Such fun!  Enjoy your preview!



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