Photographer | Creeping and climbing

I recently did a photoshoot in this lush garden, where there is a gorgeous gate (click here for the post) – I simply had to go back and get more shots – this is another view of part of the gate, covered with creeping/ climbing Virginia Creeper. As I mentioned to a friend recently, I’m […]

Photography | Peeping through….

  The last few posts I’ve done give a very good indication of the greenery in and around Johannesburg due to the vast amounts of rain that we’ve had.   The other side of the coin, is the overgrown lawn (not so great), the weeds flourishing and really happy wild grasses, which in some places are […]

Photography | Raindrops| Gena D Photography

Another image of raindrops from our garden We’ve had an abundance of rain in Johannesburg for weeks now… I’m loving the greenery everywhere you look, and the coolness.  But as with everything, there is always the downside … like the lawn starting to look like a jungle as it doesn’t dry out enough to be […]

Photography | Spice| Gena D Photography

The wonderful texture and colour of cinnamon and star anise …. See more Project 365 here

Johannesburg Photographer | It’s a rainy day ….


Johannesburg Photographer | Glow

The flicker and “warmth” of candle light… always looks so inviting, doesn’t it? Project 365 – more here

Johannesburg Photographer | Firethorn

  I adore the fine detail of berries, the way they cluster, and are surrounded by leaves!   I’ve been wanting to capture the Firethorn, also known as Pyracantha, for quite some time now, but have not had a chance.  In fact there’s a gorgeous Firethorn bush on an island on the way home, and the […]

Photographer Johannesburg | The Forest

  Part of the forested area at the Emmarentia Dam precinct.  I had never been in this part of the lush area, and happened upon it on my way to do a mini shoot.    I just love “the road less travelled” –  you just never know what you may come across ….  I spent a […]

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