Gia & Tiago Christening | Pretoria Photographer

Gia and Tiago are cousins and shared their christening day recently, held at Nazareth House Church in Pretoria.  They also happen to be four weeks apart in age (and I’m sure their mommies didn’t plan it that way, but alas, it lent itself to a really special extended family celebration of these two sweet angels).  The […]

Baptism Our Lady of the Cedars, Woodmead

The recent baptism at the Lady of the Cedars Church in Woodmead, was a celebration of baby Liam.  This tiny little darling, braved the service which was conducted by Father Maurice (with great humour and much love), until he was doused with cold water.  True to baptism/ christening fashion, he burst out crying, whilst everyone smiled and […]

Baptism Gianna | Gena D Photography

Baby Gianna was recently  baptised at the Rosebank Catholic church.  Isn’t she just the cutest? Almost doll like?  She was a picture of serenity for the most part, curious about the goings on… The part she didn’t like, like most babies, was the pouring of the holy water over her head, and eventually he heat […]

Baby Christening Johannesburg | Danielle

Baby girl Danielle, was recently christened, in Bryanston, on a rather warm and sunny Sunday.  And I was there to photograph the proceedings!   Despite being ill on the day, with bronchitis, this little munchkin, kept up with everything – awake and aware of everything that was going on around her, not missing a beat.  […]

Greek Christening | Shepstone Gardens

Kirin and Adonis had been christened a few hours earlier at the St Johns Greek Church and now were ready to celebrate the rest of the day at the picturesque Shepstone Gardens venue.  The weather was very warm and the skies a summer shade of blue (considering 1 May is technically autumn already).  The decor […]

Greek Christening | St. Johns Church, Germiston

I had the honour to doing a double Greek Christening on the 1 May 2015.  It was the special celebration of Kirin and Adonis, little cousins who are of similar age.  The celebration was had at the St. Johns Orthodox church in Germiston, surrounded by loving family and friends.  The little boys handled this in […]

Elessa Christening II

Elessa recently had her Christening service at the Greek Orthodox Church on Lynnwood Road, (you can see the pics here) and thereafter the guests headed out to the St. Georges Hotel to celebrate her special day.  The decor was simple with gorgeous touches of lace and crochet, and in shades of orange and crimson.  There […]

Elessa Christening | Gena D Photography

There is something astoundingly beautiful about a Greek Christening – starting off with the church, with ornate details, frescos, the inevitable chandeliers.   This particular christening, was at the Greek Orthodox church on Lynnwood Road in Pretoria.  And it happened to be the special day of this sweet little girl – Elessa.  Mom had planned this […]

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