Glamour Photoshoot | Odette

Glamour photoshoot Odette

Odette was gifted a glamour photo shoot (what a lucky lady, right?), and boy did we have fun with her stunning dress.  We also allowed time to do formal portraits (always good for business/ Linked in and so on), as well as some casual/ relaxed images.  I’m so chuffed with the lovely variety we got – what […]

Cullinan Styled Photography | Chrisna & the Cello

It all started with a cello… Chrisna and I are old work mates, i.e. we worked together along while ago (won’t mention how long :-))  Last year we got together to do a family shoot with her gorgeous family.   Chrisna had mentioned her cello (which she really plays, by the way!!), and that got me […]

Durban Photographer | Jeanne – Creative shoot

This is Jeanne – we did this shoot whilst I was in Durban a little while back.  The idea was to dress Jeanne up play with an edge of glamour and then shoot against the awesome Moroccan inspired walls and textures on the property.    Although Jeanne was a bit camera shy to start off with, […]

Photographer Johannesburg | Glamour shoot – Cobi |

This is Cobi – a vibrant, creative spirit, who also happens to adore the country, and all things arty and vintage.   I was contacted by Cobi as she had decided to do a fun photoshoot for herself – too wonderful I exclaimed!!!   We chatted through some ideas and decide to keep to a slight glamorous […]

Gauteng Photographer | Sneak Peek: Cobi | Gena D Photography

A sneak peek from a photosession with Cobi (a creative spirit, who adores vintage and the quirky)  – see more pictures over on facebook.

Boudoir Photographer Johannesburg

Johannesburg Photographer | Chanelle – Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of the gorgeous Chanelle, from our photoshoot this past Saturday. There are a few more pictures more over on the facebook page, CLICK HERE