Matric Dance, Irene Dairy Farm

Matric Dance fever hit last week (in case you didn’t hear or see it).  It seemed that everyone knew someone who was having a matric dance/having/ had a matric dance photoshoot…  Not sure when this became a co-ordinated effort.  Due to the vast number of pupils having a matric dance that evening, Irene, was totally […]

Henru & Anneke | Matric Dance Photographer

matric dance photographers pretoria

I recently got to work with Henru and his date Anneke, who were all dressed up in honor of Henru’s Matric Dance.  I met them at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, on a Friday afternoon that was threatening rain, but instead of raining, the clouds allowed wonderfully pretty filtered light through (happy dance, right?).   So […]

Midstream College Matric Dance | Natasha & Jayson

Just over a week ago, I travelled out towards the estates on the boundary of Midrand and Centurion/ Irene.  It was warm, the sky gorgeous, and I was looking forward to photographing these two.  Midstream College was having their Matric dance, that evening, and Natasha was dressed in an exquisite sheath of a dress with […]

Vuvu Matric Dance

The very elegant Vuvu, recently had her matric dance.  When I arrived she was perched on a stool, looking every so elegant, whilst her makeup was being applied.  And then, as is the norm,  she transformed into a veritable princess!   We did some portraits around the home and then headed out to the pre-drinks event […]

Vuvu Matric Dance | Sneak Peek

GEna D Photography

So this gorgeous lass, had her matric dance last Saturday.  I got there in warmth of the afternoon autumn sun, whilst she was having her makeup applied.  A picture of serenity.  And then she got dressed, and turned into a veritable princess – as girls do for such events!   Her gorgeous red dress (one of […]

Royal Elephant, Pretoria | Matric Dance

matric dance photographer

 I was contacted by Nicole regarding matric dance shoot, involving a few of her school friends.  We eventually got things organised and scheduled.  So on hot windy Friday. I drove out to Royal Elephant in Pretoria.  Having neither visited, nor heard of the place, I was quite curious – after all the name is really […]

Matric Dance Photographer | Selicia

matric dance photographers

This is the gorgeous Selecia – as cliched as it may appear, I couldn’t help but think that she reminded me of Princess Jasmine    with her dark tresses and beautiful eyes. And evidently she was a gem to work with – very comfortable with the camera.  Her beau joined her later and we got […]

Irene Matric Dance Photographer | Nicole

matric dance-irene-country-lodge

I met with Nicole at the Irene Country Lodge  where she was getting ready for her matric dance that night.  As I walked in I was greeted by a wonderful red creation (dress) and a classic beauty – aka Nicole – with her hair and make-up complete.   She proceeded to get dressed, helped along by […]

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