Newborn Baby Photoshoot | Pretoria Photographer

Newborn babies are also wonderful to capture.  The newness, their curiosity (especially at 2 weeks onwards), the cuteness overload… I could go on and on.  Sweet baby, Giana, all of 14 days old, was the subject of my fascination and most definitely of her mom and dad, during this photo shoot.  She was awake and […]

Newborn Baby Emily

And this sweet little princess is baby Emily, all of 14 days old.   The sweet littel thing was so aware and curious, that it look loads of coaxing and soothing to get her to eventually sleep.  And once she did, I worked as quickly as possible to get the maximum variety within that time frame.  […]

Newborn Baby Emily | Sneak Peek

 I got to work with this sweet pink bundle of joy on Monday – what a sweet little thing – such a pleasure to work with.  Incredibly alert and boy did she fight sleep, just in case she missed out on what was happening.  But thankfully sleep eventually came and we finally managed to get […]

Newborn Baby Anthony

Gena D Photography

 Welcome little Anthony!  It’s always such a privilege to capture moments of any kind.  Somehow capturing a baby during its first dew days or weeks, is truly special. I have yet to work with a baby this young, who is so unbelievably strong, always hungry, able to pull the greatest array of cute faces and […]