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Established 2010

Families are constantly changing – first there are two of you, and then along comes a special little person (or two or three :-))  Babies grow so fast, soon they’re toddlers and the next thing you know, they’re going to school.  And you blink again and your little baby is now in high school, or finishing school.  Yep, that’s how quickly times rushes past us. 🙂

This is one of the reasons I am absolutely passionate about capturing moments.  You can’t replay that time, you can’t experience that same thought, feeling or emotion, but photographs enable you to go back and enjoy the moments, the laughs, the smiles, that snippet in time….  this is why I do what  I do!!!

Still thinking whether it’s worth the money???   Absolutely it is – we save for shoes, handbags, the latest gadget, and more…. all of which have less value over time, whereas images of your precious children, your family, will “stay alive” forever.   I only do a limited number of sessions a month, so please contact me via the Contact Page    with your requirements as soon as possible.

Portrait & Lifestyle Photosessions – Family, Children, Baby, Couple, Maternity, Newborn  from R1,950.00*

Boudoir  and Glamour Sessions (incl make-up) from R3,950*

*all standard terms & conditions apply

Packages vary from a digital package (DVD only) to prints, books, canvases and lots more.

We also offer Gift Vouchers

Events such as Birthday parties (child or adult), Christenings/ Baptism, 21st’s, engagements, corporate events,baby showers, kitchen tea’s, hen parties, bachelorette’s and similar  – please contact me for a quote

In the meantime, here are some Frequently Asked Questions

What can I/we expect?                 I am a natural light, on location lifestyle photographer; my primary objective is to capture real moments, real emotions, feelings and interactions, whilst having fun.      Location can be at you home/ garden – provided there is adequate space and good lighting to work with, alternatively we meet at a mutually agreed location.    Evidently you can view samples of work here on our website: http://www.genadphotography.com   and blog:  http://www.genadphotography.com/blog/  You can also view recent work on our Facebook page    My style is essentially natural, simple, timeless and fun!

 How long is a photo shoot?        It really depends on the session chosen.  (See the General Info doc.).    Mini sessions are 30minutes.  Full sessions are generally 1 hour to 1.5 if it involves young ones.    Newborn sessions are longer (approx 2 hours) to cater for the slower photographic process.  Boudoir sessions are a minimum of 2 hours.  For all photo sessions, we highly recommend that you do not book an appointment for soon after the scheduled session – a rushed demeanor tends to show on one’s face, and especially when working with little children, we can go over time.  As a rule I will not rush a session, but work with the client to get the best I can whilst there.  Please note note that outdoors session are generally booked early morning (no later than 9am) or at 4pm (slightly later in summer) – due to other bookings as well as the quality of light, please do not be late.

 Do you show us what to do/ where/how to stand or pose?       Yes, not all of us are natural “posers”, in fact very few of us are … so absolutely!   I assist and guide where necessary…  and other times, just leave well alone and photograph the moments, the interactions, oblivious to you…. That’s what makes for awesome pics!!    Remember I bring my equipment and expertise, you need to bring you personality/ies and an attitude that you are going to have fun!!!  🙂

 What should I/we wear?     To help you I have created a What to Wear pinboard here   As with most things, keep it simple – long pants or skirts (for ladies) and tops / shirts with sleeves work best.    What is important is not so much that clothes match, but rather that they co-ordinate, and that you keep to similar tones in colour.   Young girls look lovely in summer dresses.     In winter, coats, boots, scarves, hats really lend themselves to awesome images.      Large prints, large/ busy logos on T-shirts/tops, large stripes are some things to avoid.    Whatever you choose ensure that it’s something that depicts you/ your family/ your child and that you feel comfortable dressed in it.    Remember that shoes also appear in photographs, so take that into consideration when getting dressed.   Chat to me if you are unsure, and I always recommend that you bring along a number of items so that I can help you select, if needs be.

 Can I/we bring along accessories & props?     Accessories, if they are a part of who you are, are fantastic and highly recommended.   They really add dimension and substance to the session.  Good items to consider are:  belts (with interesting buckles or detail), fun shoes/ sandals, hats, caps, scarves, necklaces, sunglasses, hair accessories, costume jewellery, etc.

 Props are great too, especially with kids e.g. a skateboard, a musical instrument (portable, please!!), a favorite book or comic, with small kiddies a favorite toy (not too old or shabby please!)  are all good.   Interesting quilts/ throws etc. in toning colours (to your clothes choice) can also be handy for outdoor shoots.    Again feel free to chat to me and/ or bring things along.

 Makeup, Hair and Hands    Please have your hair and makeup freshly done prior to the session – always keep it light and natural, what you would normally wear, plus a little more – bearing in mind that you lose a large percentage of visible makeup under harsh light.  Again if unsure rather bring your make-up bag along.   Sessions that call for heavier makeup are creative/fashion/ model sessions, boudoir and glamour.   If you require a makeup artist please let me know when booking your session (the charges will be for your account).   Generally it’s best to have haircuts, a few days/ week prior to the session.   Hands are often part of captured images, so ensure you have paid attention to them prior to the session and ladies, please brief you partner too! 🙂

 Children      I always suggest where possible, to schedule a session involving a baby or young child, at a time when you know the child is content (after having had a nap and/or a meal).   When booking a session, I normally request the age of the child/ren and some details about each child as it helps me in planning the session.   I also recommend having a few changes of clothing and some wet wipes, as little ones can get dirty.    Should your little one(s) get sick, this is one time I suggest we reschedule as ill children are generally not happy children, and it also tends to show on photographs.

 Other      If it’s raining and impossible to work outdoors, I may reschedule for another day.  NB!   Overcast weather is great and unless it’s raining we are still able to work!!!!      Bring along some water bottles, as well a simple (non messy) snacks – believe me on this one!!!      There’s nothing worse than a subject looking pale and exhausted due to an energy drop – it does show on your images!     As does exhaustion, so try to be rested prior to your session.     Lastly and most importantly, remember to relax and just have FUN!!!

baby, newborn, family, maternity photographers, creative family photographers, natural light photgoraphers, boudoir photographers, event photgoraphers  baby, newborn, family, maternity photographers, creative family photgoraphers, natural light photgoraphers, boudoir photographers, event photgoraphers